Producing compelling and sustainable content is at the center of my strategic goals. I plan content from a user-centric perspective, influenced by business objectives and keyword strategy. My writing spans email, newsletter, website, internal communications and social media copy.

Campaign Writing

Spring Clean Your Life! 


Role: Concept Development, Copywriter for landing page and 21 emails | Results: 50,000 subscribers


$500 Savings Challenge


Role: Concept Development, Copywriter – Landing Page and Emails | Results: 165,927 subscribers; +2% conversion rate from subscriber to customer (opened savings account)


Simple Living Challenge


Role: Concept Development, Copywriter – Landing Page and Emails | Results: 66,382 subscribers

 The Everyday Adventurer 


Role: Concept Development, Copywriter – Landing Page, Emails, Interviews | Results: 2,734 subscribers in a new niche market


Web Content Writing


Website – brightpeak financial

Ads – Social / Print


Blogs & Articles


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Outdoor Adventure:

Camping Hacks and the Art of Paddle-Making

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Interview with Money Crasher’s Co-owner, Andrew Schrage

Are we Over-Spenders? New Study Shows Our Financial Savvy

The Guide to Growing Your Family: A Year of Money Must-Dos

The Ultimate Homebuyer’s Guide